Monday, April 13, 2009

Windy and squally Easter break

As predicted, the weather in Cooktown was quite foul for the Easter holiday. Fortunately for us we were staying in a cabin which meant that looking over the rain soaked camping grounds at huddles of wet and miserable campers really did not really place us in any mood to go out and have some fun.

Robert didn't like the look of any of the fishing options on offer so we limited ourselves to a few driving day trips.

Day 1 was a journey south of Cooktown to explore the hidden bays and jungle about. Robert really wanted to visit Archer Point as it was written up in the guide books as worth a visit and wow it did not disappoint. Archer point is an exposed headland with not one BUT TWO cute little light houses! One light house is located on a small island just off the coast and the other is on the headland. You may notice in the background of the photo below the haze - well that's actually a squally storm making its way straight towards us!!

Lighthouse on island off Archer Point

Mainland lighthouse at Archer Point.

The red and green panels in front of the lighthouse globe is meant to convey to ships at sea whether they are in a safe position - if the skipper can see a red light then that's not a good spot to be in and the boat needs to move further out to sea. If the ship's crew can see green from the light then they are in a safe position to pass by the rocks.

I won't make this post too long but I thought I would also share a photo of the crossing over the Bloomfield River which is on the way back to Cairns (via the coast road). There was only about 15cm of water over the causeway but even a simple slip if you walked over could be dangerous.

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