Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its Raining - must be time for an Easter Camping Trip

In a long held tradition - the Easter long weekend is when Cairns locals try to go camping and traditionally when it pours with rain. This year is no different and everyone in our office is planning a damp weekend away.

Robert and I are planning a long weekend in Cooktown. It's a four hour drive north of Cairns and we are staying in cabins at one of the local caravan parks. Cooktown is a great little spot - its where Captain Cook beached the Endeavour to repair the hull after he ran into the reef on his travels north along the east coast of Australia in 1770.

We plan to do a bit of fishing, exploring and relaxing over the weekend.

Everyone else in our office is doing the real camping bit - hopefully the rain holds off for long enough to get tents set up at least - its really too much to hope for a completely dry Easter weekend :)

Happy Easter everyone, stay safe on the roads and don't eat too much chocolate (your own body's weight is enough).


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