Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A rare treasure

Long time, no blogging. Long story why but I wont bore you all with it now.

I want to share a great give-away draw in another blog. Jan has designed this fantastic cross stitch chart and is giving one away to a lucky person. Below is a picture of the stitched design.

I think I will buy this one anyway :)


  1. hiya there we were getting worried about you on swap bot glad to see you are ok,.love from Glenda

  2. HI :)
    Yeah i with glenda glad to see your ok and looking forward to seeing you on swapbot again :)

  3. Great to hear you're back! I hope life hasn't been treating you too bad...

    Pirjo from Finland

  4. You have still not returned the 2 journals that are not yours. When are you going to send them back to their owners? They should have been sent in June. I repeat: THEY ARE NOT YOURS!!